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Outstanding image of NGC7822!

We are delighted to share this outstanding photo by Jarkko Järvinen, an accomplished astrophotographer from Finland. He captured this breathtaking image of NGC7822, a celestial nebula located in the constellation of Cepheus. The photograph was taken over the course of five nights from the ocean shore of the Baltic Sea, under the pristine dark skies.

His expertise and dedication to his craft are evident in this stunning image, which showcases the beauty of the deep sky nebulosity in all its glory. Järvinen used APM 107/700 refractor paired with ZWO ASI6200MM and Chroma 3nm narrowband filters on a SkyWatcher NEQ6 mount to capture this image with a whopping 20 hour total exposure time!

The final result is a truly breathtaking image that captures the ethereal beauty of this nebulosity in all its glory. The nebula itself is a complex network of gas and dust that stretches over 150 light-years across. It is an active star-forming region, meaning that new stars are currently being born within its depths.

More photos by Jarkko Järvinen can be seen at his Instagram:

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