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Ultra-deep view of an ancient planetary nebula!

We are thrilled to share this stunning image of the Valentines Rose nebula, captured by amateur astronomer Ville Puoskari! This ultra-deep field image reveals incredible and extremely faint details of the nebula and the surrounding interstellar gas. The nebula is located in the constellation of Cepheus, approximately 980 light-years away from Earth.

What makes this planetary nebula unique is its asymmetry, caused by the interaction with the surrounding interstellar medium. Unlike most planetary nebulae, the white dwarf is not located in the center due to this phenomenon. It is also one of the oldest planetary nebulae known!
Puoskari's dedication to this project is evident, as he spent several months capturing a total exposure time of 61 hours to bring out even the faintest details. The result is a breath-taking image that showcases the beauty and complexity of our universe.

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