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Milkyway all the way from down under!

Be mesmerized by these incredible images captured by astrophotographer Tomi Kurri, who went above and beyond to bring us a celestial masterpieces all the way from Australia! Fueled by his passion, Kurri embarked on a two-hour journey from Melbourne to Mount Tarrengower in pursuit of skies free of light pollution and boy, did he hit the jackpot! The skies there were nothing short of extraordinary, showcasing the vast wonders of the universe.

Ascending to the peak of the hill, Kurri scaled a watchtower that granted him an even more breathtaking vantage point to witness the beauty of the Milky Way. As he marveled at the celestial display, he was serenaded by the symphony of kangaroos leaping through the nearby bushes, adding a touch of magic to the experience!

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