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Sharpstar summer sale!

Sharpstar's summer sale has begun! Order the 94EDPH now and get a FREE 0.8x f/4.4 reducer! Offer is valid until June 30th. Now is a great chance to upgrade your stargazing and astrophotography endeavors with the Sharpstar 94EDPH refractor and get a FREE 0.8x reducer! Exceptional optics, advanced lens technology, and versatile features make this telescope paired with reducer an indispensable tool for capturing breathtaking celestial wonders and indulging in the captivating beauty of the cosmos!

With it’s impressive aperture ratio, this refractor delivers outstanding performance in capturing stunning celestial images. Its unique triplet design incorporates two Extra-low Dispersion (ED) lenses, ensuring superior correction of chromatic aberration. As a result, stars appear incredibly sharp, and images exhibit remarkable contrast and brightness. With the addition of 0.8x reducer you gain even more light gathering capacity and wider field of view with razor sharp image quality across the image.

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