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Capture insane detail with mosaics!

When using a planetary camera with a telescope the field of view is often quite small due to small size of the sensor and high magnification of the telescope. To capture the sharpest detail this is of course desired, but what if you want to capture a larger area, lets say a full moon?

Full view of a lunar mosaic

You can do this by taking multiple frames next to each-other from your subject and after stacking combine them together to create a larger field of view. This way one can achieve insane resolution and sharpness to the final image, making it possible to zoom into the small details or just enjoy the full view at once. If you seek to print out your images this can be very useful to get larger prints to stand out with their razor sharp details! This technique can also be used for other subjects than lunar imaging. For example: Solar imaging and deep sky astrophotography can achieve just as good results!

Zoomed in version of the same photo, just look at the details!

Check out from our YouTube channel for a brief tutorial on how it’s done and let your creativity loose the next time you're shooting the amazing night sky all around us!

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