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f/3.9 Reducer for FRA400/5.6 and FRA500/5.6

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Askar f/3.9 Reducer for FRA400/5.6 and FRA500/5.6

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Product description

The new Askar FRA400 F3.9 full-frame reducer reduces the effective focal length of the telescope by a factor of 0.7x. The original f/5.6 apo becomes an f/3.9 apo. Its exposure time is significantly shorter, it is reduced to about 50%. The field of view becomes considerably larger.

The FRA400Red was developed for use with the FRA400 and FRA500 flatfield refractors and offers good correction with these telescopes, even when full-frame size sensors are used. The working distance from the M48x0.75 thread to the camera sensor is 55 mm. The camera adapter is equipped with a 2" filter thread.

When used with the FRA500 telescope, the M86-to-M68 adapter (supplied with the FRA500equired telescope) is required. The FRA400 telescope does not need the adapter.

Product details


  • Suitable for full frame cameras
  • Thread: M68x1
  • Shortens the focal length from 400 millimeters to 280 millimeter
  • Shortens the focal length from 500 millimeters to 350 millimeters
  • 2 "filter thread

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