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ST 40/400 PST Personal Solar Telescope

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Coronado ST 40/400 PST Personal Solar Telescope

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Product description

A beginner's option for making solar observations. Suitable for visual use. Photography is possible with a monochrome camera.

The PST solar telescope is an inexpensive option compared to larger and better solar telescopes. At the same time, it is easy to take with you even for a cottage or holiday trip due to its small size. With the solar telescope, you can safely observe the details of the sun's surface and the gas eruptions visible at the edge. All other light is filtered through the tube except the wavelength of the hydrogen alpha, which is dark red to the human eye. When making observations, it is a good idea to cover the head with a shirt hood or cover to make the details of the relatively dark image stand out better in daylight.

The surface of the sun is an ever-changing environment that can from time to time be devoid of larger details or gas eruptions. On the other hand, a large gas eruption can appear quickly and only last for a short time. For this reason, the occasional observer may be able to witness one of the most memorable views of our solar system. 

The solar telescope is only suitable for viewing the sun, does not act as a star telescope or for viewing natural objects.

Can be attached to a camera tripod, for example. Does not include a storage box or tripod.

Product details


  • Suitable for safe viewing of the sun
  • Best for visual use
  • 1.0 ångström bandwidth at the wavelength of the hydrogen alpha
  • Aperture: 40 mm
  • Focal length: 400 mm
  • Aperture ratio: f / 10
  • Eyepiece: 18 mm

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