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ADC atmospheric dispersion corrector

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Omegon ADC atmospheric dispersion corrector

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Product description

The Omegon ADC Dispersion Corrector helps correct atmospheric refraction of objects, especially when they are close to the horizon. Helps improve sharpness and detail in planetary and lunar photography. Made of BK7 glass, 99% light transmission.

The dispersion corrector produces a dispersion in the opposite direction to the atmosphere and with the right adjustment helps to compensate for it. The amount of repair is adjusted with two pins. In parallel, no correction occurs, in the 180 degree position relative to each other, the correction is maximum.

Product details


  • T2 thread on telescope and camera side, 1.25 "eyepiece thread on camera side
  • 30mm optical length
  • UV range moderate transmission (300 nm 10%, 350 nm 48%, 400 nm 94%)
  • Infrared transmission good (780 nm -1000 nm 92% -70%)
  • Metal frame
  • Dust covers

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