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Bresser Messier 5" Dobson

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BRESSER Messier 5" Dobson

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Product description

The Bresser 5 "Dobson telescope is a good alternative as a travel tube. Best for visual viewing. Very easy and quick to set up: just place the telescope on a garden table, for example, and search for a star in the starry sky.

The small Dobson tube can be detached from the table model stand and connected to an equatorial stand, for example, making it easier to photograph.

The telescope comes with 25mm and 9mm eyepieces and an LED viewfinder as well as a moon filter. Suitable as a beginner's telescope.

Product details

Technical information:

  • Construction: Mirror telescope
  • Aperture: 130mm
  • Resolution: 1.06 arcseconds
  • Focal length: 650 mm
  • Aperture ratio: f / 5
  • Stand: Dobson
  • Total weight: 6.6 kg

The product includes:

  • Telescope and table stand
  • LED viewfinder
  • 25mm and 9mm eyepiece 1.25 "

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