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TS-Optics 130 mm f/2.8 Hypergraph

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TS-Optics 130 mm f/2.8 Hypergraph

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Product description

TS-Optics 130 mm f/2.8 Hypergraph

The fast focal ratio of the TS-Optics 130 mm f/2.8 Hypergraph allows you to properly expose an object in just one night, or even focus on multiple objects.
This astrograph has a tube length of less than 40 centimeters and even fits into airline luggage. On the sky, however, the performance is remarkable. 
The 2-element corrector offers very good field correction with full illumination beyond APS-C format. With a flat frames, you can even use it with full-frame cameras.

The working distance of 55 mm from the M48 thread on the focuser allows easy adaption from all common astro cameras, DSLR and also system cameras.

Main features

  • Optics optimized for astrophotography with high resolution over the entire usable image field.
  • Carbon tube for much better focus stability than a metal tube. No need to readjust focus when temperature changes. Images are sharper.
  • Secondary mirror is built in with the necessary offset, the illumination of the image field is more uniform.
  • Despite the extreme focal ratio, the telescope collimates well and it holds collimation well during transport.
  • The focuser has been further improved and now allows even better focusing. It holds the focus position perfectly even over a longer period of time.
  • Dual-speed focusing is already built in, which is also necessary with the extreme focal ratio of f/2.8.
  • High quality CNC tube rings and a GP/EQ5 style dovetail bar are included.
  • Carrying handle with mounting surface for finder shoe.
  • Easy camera adaption via the M48x0.75 connection thread of the focuser. The working distance is 55 mm.

Product details

Technical Specifications

  • Design: Hyperbolic flat-field astrograph with corrector
  • Aperture: 130 mm
  • Focal length: 364 mm
  • Focal ratio: f/2.8
  • Image circle: 40 mm diameter at optimal correction
  • Camera mount: M54x1 female thread / M48x0.75 male thread
  • Working distance: 55 mm from M48x0.75 male thread
  • Eyepiece connection: 1.25" via adapter
  • Tube material: Carbon
  • Tube length: 390 mm
  • Weight: 4 kg incl. clamps

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