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TS-Optics 16" Truss Dobsonian (406/1829 mm)

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TS-Optics 16" Truss Dobsonian (406/1829 mm)

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Product description

TS-Optics 16" Truss Dobsonian 406/1829 mm

A transportable telescope with large aperture which fits into a car and can be set-up by one person, that´s the dream of every observer. This Dobsonian can fulfill this dream. The telescope provides 406 mm aperture for unforgettable observations.

The features of the 16" Dobsonian at a glance:

  • Premium parabolic primary mirror with 406 mm diameter;
  • Improved design of the rocker box for easier assembly even by one single person;
  • Adjustable friction brake in altitude so even heavy accessories can be used or the eyepieces can be changed, without change of the tube´s position.
  • Steel roller bearing with two metal plates for azimuthal adjustment, thus gentle tracking is possible even at high magnification.
  • Very good 2" Crayford focuser with 1:10 micro transmission for accurate focusing.
  • Extensive accessories, like 8x50 finder, 30 mm 2" ERFLE eyepiece, 1.25" 9 mm Super Plössl eyepiece, 35 mm extension tube and dust cover for the primary mirror

Product details

Technical Specifications

  • Aperture: 406 mm
  • Focal length: 1829 mm
  • Focal ratio: f/4.5
  • Diameter of secondary mirror: 88 mm (minor axis)
  • Resolution: 0.34 arc seconds
  • Limiting magnitude: 14.8mag visually
  • Tube: Truss tube
  • Primary mirror: BK7 parabolic with protective quartz layer
  • Reflectivity of the coating: 94% for primary and secondary mirror
  • Focuser: Dual-speed Crayford focuserwith compression ring
  • Eyepiece height with upright tube: 173 cm
  • OTA weight: approx. 35 kg
  • Total weight: approx. 65 kg


  • TS-Optics 16" Dobsonian
  • 8x50 finder
  • 30 mm 2" ERFLE eyepiece
  • 9 mm 1.25" Super Plössl planetary eyepiece
  • 2" extension tube
  • Primary mirror fan with battery holder
  • Dust cover for the primary mirror
  • User manual

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