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Motor Focuser Kit

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Lacerta Motor Focuser Kit

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Product description

LACERTA Motor Focus Kit - precision stepper motor with a hand controller and temperature sensor. Can be used as a standalone focuser. ASCOM-compatible.

The Lacerta MotorFocus uses a completely capsuled stepper motor, attached to your focuser worm by a rigid but flexible coupling. It features a handbox with digital display, so you can use it in standalone mode and control all parameters including filter offsets. Via USB you also are able to control it remotely with your ASCOM compatible software. The temperature probe should be attched near the sensitive part of your telescope, so the focus drift can be compensated automatically. If you use Lacerta MGEN superguider, the systems can be synchronized, that the corrections are applied only in between the exposures.

Lacerta MotorFocus was developed for precise position reproducibility to 1 micron level (0,001mm), and is able to lift a 5kg weight to the point with that precision.

Product details

Key Features:

Remote (ASCOM) and standalone modes
Hand controller with a digital display showing all relevant information, control buttons and a USB port
Powerful stepper motor driving and holding >5kg
Temperature probe (approx. 180cm)
Automated temperature compensation
GOTO function and filter offset positions
Backlash compensation (2 modes)
Permanent focus function
250000 steps, reproducibility 0,001mm
ASCOM driver compatible to most software (FocusMax, MaximDL, APT, ...)
Free download of new firmware
Manual focusing possible (after power off and unplugging the motor)
NEW: coupler for 9,5mm focuser worm mounted, and a set of inlays for 8, 6 and 4mm included

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