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M48-T2 tilt adapter

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Lacerta M48-T2 tilt adapter

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Product description

This stable tilting adapter consists of two massive and torsion-resistant rings, which can be finely adjusted using 3 pairs of pull and pressure screws. It has an M48 internal thread on the telescope side and a T2 internal thread on the camera side and can therefore accept male M48 or T2 threads. Female threads can be connected with the T2T2p or M48M48p positive-positive converter.

The M48T2tilter can compensate for tilts of up to 1.4 degrees or, if necessary, even generate them (e.g. to remove annoying Newton stripes in H-alpha recordings).

Product details

Technical Specifications

  • M48x0.75 internal thread on telescope side
  • M42x0.75 internal thread on camera side
  • Minimum length 9mm
  • Maximum length 10.5mm
  • Maximum tilt angle 1.4 degrees
  • Distance of the adjusting screws from the optical axis: 30mm (D = 60mm)
  • Total diameter 70mm

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