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Ha f/2 Highspeed-Filters CMOS-optimized

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CMOS-optimized Baader Narrowband- and Highspeed f/2 Ha 6.5 Filter

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Product description

Baader 6.5 nm Ha f/2 Highspeed-Filter

  • Narrowband f/2 Highspeed Filters are designed especially for the delicate requirements of extremely fast astrograph optics, in particular Hyperstar and RASA

  • Conventional narrowband filters cause a heavy loss in transmission due to the strong CWL-shift. In extreme cases the CWL even does shift out of the FWHM (CWL= Center-wavelength / FWHM= full width half maximum). Therefore these filters have a CWL-preshift which matches f/2 to f/3 perfectly.

  • The FWHM is optimized. In spite of the typical line broadening with such fast optical trains they are able to deliver maximum contrast.

  • For the first time these filters allow to use fast optics really effectively with high contrast emission nebulae imaging. Using these filters between f/1,8 and f/3,5 shows a dramatic improvement compared to any regular set of narrowband-filters.

Product details

    • Optimized for CMOS cells (color and mono)
    • High quality parfocal filter
    • Shaded edges
    • The front is marked with a black outline on the edge
    • The edges are sealed to prevent moisture from entering
    • Life-Coat coating will last for a lifetime!

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