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O-ring for Pressure-Tuner at LS50THa solar telescopes

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LUNT O-ring for Pressure-Tuner at LS50THa solar telescopes

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Product description

Spare part for Pressure-Tuner of LS50THa H-alpha solar telescopes from LUNT SOLAR SYSTEMS
A rubber O-ring is installed into the Pressure-Tuner of Lunt Solar Systems LS50THa solar telescopes to seal the air-pressure tuning system. Over time, the rubber of this O-ring can age and become porous, whereby the air-pressure can then no longer be maintained. When this happens, the old O-ring can be replaced by this spare part. The replacement is simple and can be done by the user. 

After replacing the O-ring, the piston and cylinder of the Pressure-Tuner can be re-greased with grease available.
Please note that this spare part can only be used on the Lunt Solar Systems LS50THa H-alpha solar telescopes. 


  • Inner-diameter: 31mm
  • Outer-diameter: 39mm
  • Cannot be used separately, only as a replacement part on the Pressure-Tuner of the LS50THa telescopes from Lunt Solar Systems.
  • It does not matter what blocking filter is at the LS50THa


  • Spare part one O-ring for pressure tuner of LS50THa

Product details

  • Spare part one O-ring for pressure tuner of LS50THa

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