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TS-Optics 6" f/5.9 Refractor - 2.5" R&P Focuser

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TS-Optics 6" f/5.9 Refractor - 2.5" R&P Focuser

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Product description

The TS 152mm f/5.9 refractor is a rich-field telescope with better mechanic and better color correction as a standard achromat refractor.

The TS 6" f/5.9 refractor telescope is a great alternative to simple achromat refractors but also to very expensive ED and APO refractors. The Ohara objective has a better color correction than a standard 150mm f8 achromatic refractor.

♦ Very well corrected 152mm f/5.9 2-element objective

♦ Generously dimensioned 2.5" dual speed rack and pinion focuser

♦ Very good for the moon and planets. We also offer Semi-Apo filters to increase the contrast

♦ Air spaced objective in fully adjustable and temperature compensated lens cell

♦ Transport length only 805 mm - dew cap retracted

♦ CNC rings with transport handles

♦ Also good for astrophotography - moon, planets and deep-sky with filter support

Product details

Aperture:152mm - 6"
Focal length:900mm
Focal ratio:f/5.9
Objective:2-element objective
Glass material:K9 and F4 glass
Back focus:approx. 149 mm from the 2" receptacle and approx. 174 mm from the M68 thread
Tube diameter:155 mm
Diameter dew cap:186 mm
Tube dimension:length 805 mm - height 230 mm with handle
Tube weight:8.5 kg

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