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Takahashi Tube to Convert FS-60C to FS-60CB

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Takahashi Tube to Convert FS-60C to FS-60CB

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Product description

Tube to convert from FS-60C to FS-60CB

With this accessory, you have the opportunity to convert your old Takahashi FS-60C into an FS-60CB. Indeed, the length of the optical tube of the two models is very slightly different; the tube of the FS-60CB is slightly shorter than that of the FS-60C. This change in length was constrained by new standards in digital imaging and the need to make the FS-60CB even more versatile. As a result, new accessories designed for the FS-60CB are no longer compatible with the FS-60C, including the multi-flattener and focal length reducer.

This conversion tube will therefore reduce the length of the tube of the FS-60C to ensure the full compatibility of the accessories of the CB version. Once installed, you will use the system-charts of the FS-60CB and no longer those of the FS-60C.

The kit comes with a shortened tube, a replacement baffle and a #81 connecting ring (TATKP2006B). Simply unscrew the lens and replace the old tube with the new one.

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