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ARTEC 250 PRO Artesky

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Astrograph ARTEC 250 PRO Artesky

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Product description

We recommend Riccardi Coma corrector 1.0x for ARTEC 250 PRO 

You can upgrade the focuser with Starlight Instruments Electronic Focusing System

ARTEC 250 PRO – A revolutionary astrograph for everyday use

  • The ARTEC astrograph series represents a new kind of instrument due to a strong and precise mechanical system with the use of high-end optics.
  • The ARTEC project was born in 2011 from the intuition of Mr. Seveso and then it was developed more and more with the help of our engineer Mr. Simeone.
  • Our astrograph uses the classic Newton native F/4.0 optical system consisting of a parabolic primary mirror in Pyrex aluminized and treated with a reflection of over 93%, secondary mirror has the same type of processing and treatment.
  • The carbon tubes are made with 3K twill with a thickness of 3.0 mm, painted externally with a semi-matt and dustproof finish.
  • The tube has an anti-dusted varnish coating inside it, this work is done to eliminate any kind of internal reflection and allows to have an evenly roughened surface.
  • All the mechanics are made of Aluminum 6061 with CNC machines and some details are made through laser cutting.
  • For the focuser, we choose to use one of the most well know instruments on the market: the Feather Touch FTF3215B-A, a True 3-inch focuser.
  • This incredible and high-precision focuser features a rack and pinion system able to manage high loads capacity without any slippage.
  • The focuser is equipped with the standard 10:1 micrometric reduction and it can be equipped with any standard Feather Touch motor kit.


  • Thanks to the most advanced optical and mechanical design software used during the development, the ARTEC series offers a computer-optimized OTA to achieve uncompromising rigidity; all metal parts are CNC machined to guarantee optimal accuracy, ease of use and stability of the collimation.
  • The ARTEC astrographs deliver stable focus over a wide range of temperatures thus limiting to the minimum they need for iterated refocusing operations – an important condition when using instruments with fast focal ratios during long imaging sessions.
  • All components are produced using only the finest materials available, such as special lightweight aluminum, stainless steel and bronze.
  • The sturdy spider of the secondary mirror support is made of laser-cut stainless steel.
  • The high resistance anodization is chosen for unbeatable resistance to all environmental conditions.
  • Finally, the generous extraction of the focal plane allows the use of the most challenging imaging trains, whether they are CCD, CMOS or the more popular digital cameras.

New kind of collimation process

  • The process of mechanics on 250 PRO is really different and more finished than the others, this product uses a new and innovative collimation system that will be used on future ARTEC astrographs with higher aperture, up to 0.6m.
  • The ARTEC 250 PRO uses only 2 points of collimation on the primary and secondary mirror.

Certified Optics

  • 93%, correction equal to or better than λ/8 and Strehl > or = 0.95
  • Every optics is complete with a full interferometry certificate.
  • We recommend the coma corrector which we have tested and proved suitable to fit the optical design of our astrographs.
  • Some coma correctors can also reduce the focal length, so the system can reach the impressive focal ratio of F/2.8: as every experienced observer can testify, an outstanding mechanical construction is vital for proper collimation and reliable usage of such ultra-fast systems, an area where the ARTEC series sets the standards.
  • The correctors that we recommend provide a corrected field even at these very fast focal ratios.
  • Using the ARTEC 250 PRO at F/4.0 with Riccardi Coma Corrector guarantees you a 45mm perfect linear illuminated field; otherwise we test also this system with a full frame CMOS camera without any problem.
  • Every ARTEC astrograph is fully tested by us before being delivered to our customers, every OTA must follow our high standards and our final tests on the field, under a clear sky, to become your Astrograph.

Delivered accessories

  • Rings for ARTEC 250
  • Losmandy Artesky dovetail
  • Manual Feather Touch focuser FTF3215B-A with 2″ End Cap
  • Optical certificate
  • ARTEC 250 PRO bag

Product details

Optical set:Newtonian Astrograph
Primary mirror diameter:
Secondary mirror diameter:
Focal length:
Focal ratio:
Mirror material:
Linear obstruction:
Illuminated field:
934 L x 334 W x 429 H mm
19.7 kg
Tube material:
High End Carbon fiber – 3.0mm
Mechanical material:
Aluminium 6061
4s Fan on primary mirror

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