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OCAL Electronic Collimator PRO

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OCAL Electronic Collimator PRO

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Product description

The revolutionary way to collimate your instrument is with OCAL, the new smart device that allows you to collimate your Newtonian telescope via your computer in a simple, precise and fast way.

The collimation of a reflecting telescope is a problem that astronomers must solve. OCAL electronic collimator is an electronic device developed by Chaoxing Astronomy to calibrate the collimation of reflective telescopes. Its main function is to mark several calibration circles through software to achieve the purpose of collimation.

Main Features

  • Each collimator has a very high level of pixel accuracy, thanks to OCAL high quality control.
  • The installation takes place via T2 thread (M42x0.75) to minimize the installation errors. Collimation errors that are often caused by human different visual axis can be completely eliminated with OCAL technology.
  • The product solves the problem of collimation even on large telescopes, thanks to the collimation assistance feature the result is shown immediately on the screen.
  • Quick and easy: Collimate your instrument in just 4 steps!
  • The product can check if the center mark on the primary mirror is made correctly or not.
  • You can also use the screenshot feature to save the result of the collimation.
  • The PRO version comes with a new packaging and many other functions!
  • The PRO version includes an adapter from T2 to M48 and a 1.25 "adapter for easier installation.
  • Thanks to the mobile version of the software, it's now possible to use an Android or Apple device with OTG adapters to collimate a telescope directly from a smartphone!

Product details


Size: 51mm x 51mm x 32mm

Weight: 134 g

Connections: USB A/USB A

OS: Windows 7 and newer

The free program can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website.

The delivery includes:

OCAL Collimator PRO

USB cable

Adapter T2/M48 and 2"

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