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QHY 294C and 294M

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Product description

The new QHY294 Pro is a 4/3-inch back-illuminated camera, equipped with Sony IMX294 (Color) and IMX 492 (Mono) sensor. The 294 Pro has 11.7 MP at 4.63um, 14-bits A/D. 

The QHY294 Pro benefits from more than a decade of cooled camera design experience. QHYCCD has implemented full dew control solutions. The optical window has a built-in dew heater and the CMOS chamber is protected from internal humidity condensation.

The QHY294 Pro has the same body design and mechanical interface as the QHY163. It has a short back focal distance allowing the use of QHYCCD's 0.5mm-27mm spacers (step size 0.5mm) for flexibility in setting up your optical train.

Product details

Technical Specifications

ModelQHY294C / QHY294M
SensorSONY IMX294 or IMX294 BSI-CMOS
Sensor AR coatingsYes
Pixel size4.63um*4.63um
Effective Pixel Area4164*2796
Effective Pixels11.6 Megapixels
Effective Image Area19.28mm*12.95mm
Sensor depth65ke-
AD Sample Depth14-bit (2x2bin) 12-bit(1x1bin)
Sensor size4/3 in
Full Frame Rate and ROI Frame Rate4164*2796 16.5FPS@14BIT
2160 lines (eg.4164*2160,4096*2160) 21FPS
1080 lines (eg.4164*2160,1920*2160) 41FPS
960 lines (eg.4164*960,1280*960) 46FPS
768 line s(eg.4164*768,1024*768) 56FPS
480 lines (eg.4164*480,640*480) 87FPS
240 lines (eg.4164*240,320*240) 156FPS
100 lines (eg.4164*100,240*100) 290FPS
Read noise1.6e-1.0e@HGC mode 6.8-4.2e@LGC mode
Dark current0.005e/pixel/s@-20C 0.007e/pixel/s@-15C
Exposure min-max60us-3600s
Amp glow reductionYes
Built-in Image Buffer256MB DDR3
Cooling SystemDual Stage TEC cooler(about -30 to -35C below ambient)
Anti-Dew HeaterYes
Telescope InterfaceM42/0.75
Optic Window TypeAR+AR High Quality Multi-Layer Anti-Reflection Coating (For color camera user need to add a UV/IR filter in the light path)

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