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Coma corrector 1.0x for ARTEC 200 PRO and 250 PRO

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Riccardi Coma corrector 1.0x for ARTEC 200 PRO and 250 PRO

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Product description

3″ Wynne Newtonian Coma Corrector with improved illumination by Massimo Riccardi

The problem of all Wynne correctors is the illumination. Due to the length, the field lens of the corrector vignettes. Thus 3″ Wynne correctors even do not achieve 30 mm fully illuminated field at f/4.
The result of this development is the 3″ Wynne corrector with significant illumination and, at the same time, outstanding sharpness over the field.

Thus cameras with full-frame format sensors and even large format sensors can be used. Simultaneously, we were able to increase the working distance to 65 mm for making it possible to use nearly all common CCD and DSLR cameras. In this case, the working distance corresponds to the distance between the vertex of the last lens surface and the sensor (in other words: the back focal length), and it is largely independent of the telescope.

Here are the working distances, calculated directly by Massimo Riccardi

200/4——– 63.4mm
250/4 ——- 64 mm

These values are very close to each other, which explains why a single distance of 65 mm is sufficient in practice without loss of quality.

An overview of the advantages and features of the 3″ Wynne corrector:

♦ Through the short construction of less than 100 millimeters, the illumination is significantly improved, compared with other 3″ Wynne correctors.
♦ The corrector fits directly to 3″ receptacles of focusers – the adaption is very simple.
♦ Through the practical M68 connection thread, screw connections with the focuser via custom adaption are just as possible as directly attaching of our M68 adapter range, like our M68 off-axis guider.
♦ The corrector is at least equal to conventional long Wynne correctors.
♦ A high-quality multi-coating is applied to every lens. Even with bright stars, no refections or ghosting will appear.
♦ The body is CNC machined and offers a neat internal blackening.

Product details

Technical details

Type:Wynne 3″ Newtonian Coma Corrector
A number of elements:
3 lenses – 3 groups
Telescope side connection:
3″ connector
Connection to the camera:
male M68x1 thread – thread length 4 mm
99 mm (without male M68 thread)
Working distance:
65 mm from the lens surface or 64.5 mm from the M68 thread
full illumination up to 45 mm, 90% illumination up to 55 mm diameter
very good field correction up to 55 mm diameter
Change of focal length:
no change of focal length
Focus position:
the corrector moves the focus position 17.5 mm more far away from the tube
approx. 600 g

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