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Baader Optical Wonder Set - Cleaning Fluid and Cloth


Baader Optical Wonder Set - Cleaning Fluid and Cloth

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Product description

The Optical Wonder microfiber cleaning cloth:

No matter how careful you are, with time your telescope, spotting scope, binoculars or other optical gear will get a layer of dust on them and maybe worse like fat stains or fingerprints. Then you need some means to clean the optics carefully without causing damage.

The Baader microfiber cleaning cloth, especially used in conjunction with the Optical Wonder cleaning fluid, carefully cleans optics without causing the feared microscopic scratches that can happen so easily.

Important: We recommend to clean optical parts as rarely as possible! Too frequent cleaning may still result in a degradation of optical quality. Some optics have a soft coating and are then generally not suited for cleaning of any kind!

The Optical Wonder cleaning fluid with dose vaporizer:

Baader´s Optical Wonder universal optics cleaning fluid was designed specifically for cleaning telescope optics and other delicate optical instruments. It removes dirt and fat from the optics without attacking the coating of the optics (soft coatings without protective coating excepted).

The fluid is ZEISS-APQ tested! It is a worthwhile investment for proper care of your telescope and accessories.

Important features of the Optical Wonder cleaning fluid:

  • solves dirt, oil, pollen, fat
  • leaves no traces when dried
  • less aggressive than conventional cleaning fluids with equal cleaning effectiveness
  • suitable for delicate optical surfaces
  • works as a buffer to prevent scratches when using a microfiber cleaning cloth
  • applies a protective layer against bacteriae and fungus
  • removes fingerprints and their aggressive residue
  • dose vaporizer for economical use

An important tip for using the fluid and cloth:

You can spray the fluid directly onto large optical surfaces. We recommend to keep a distance of about 20 cm when spraying.
For smaller optical surfaces it is better to spray the fluid on the microfiber cleaning cloth and then use the cloth to clean the surface.


In our new video, we show you how to clean optical mirrors and lenses using Baader cleaning fluid.
As always, the English language video includes subtitles, selectable in all available languages.

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