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Tecnosky Flattener 1:1 2"


Tecnosky Flattener 1:1 2"

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Product description

The Tecnosky field flattener produces sharp stars up to the edges, improving the telescope's image field in astrophotography. Does not shorten the focal lenght (1:1). Installed between telescope and camera.

Field curvature is a normal phenomenon that occurs when photographing the sky with short focal length refractors (f/5-6) and generates a deformation of the image (the stars appear elongated) towards the edges of the framed area, especially if large format sensors such as APS-C are used.

This field leveler, inserted in the focuser in front of the camera, flattens the field and does not reduce the focal length of the telescope. This accessory is perfect for refractors but is also suitable for instruments of other brands with focal ratios from f/6 to f/8.

Using this optical leveler, the stars will maintain their point appearance even towards the edge of the field and the focal length of the telescope will not be reduced.

The field leveler is the perfect photographic accessory for all refractors as it smoothes the field even with cameras equipped with large sensors (up to APS-C 24x16mm format). It fits into the 50.8mm attachment of the focuser as a normal accessory and presents, on the camera side, a T2 thread (42x0.75 male) for connection to CCD cameras or SLRs (equipped with a special T2 ring). On the telescope side it also offers an M48 thread for connecting 50.8mm diameter filters: you can thus add a filter, for example for the reduction of light pollution.

This leveler, to work at its best, requires you to place the camera sensor 55mm from the rear thread of the leveler itself. For DSLRs, this distance is achieved by mounting the leveler on a normal T2 ring that is 10mm thick (backfocus reflex: 45mm + 10mm ring T2 = 55mm)

The CCD cameras instead have the sensor placed very forward so, if you want to connect them directly to this leveler, you will need a T2 extension of the correct size. For example, since the ATIK 428EX or 460EX CCD cameras have a back focus (distance between sensor and their front T2 thread) of 13mm, you will need a 42mm extension (55mm - 13mm) extension to bring the sensor to the right distance. Ask us for advice to create the right configuration!

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