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Artesky 60mm guide scope UltraGuide MKII Artesky

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Artesky 60mm guide scope UltraGuide MKII Artesky

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Product description

‎A Guidescope is very important in long-exposure astrophotography in order to continuously compensate for periodic tracking errors of the mount.‎

‎The‎‎ UltraGuide MKII‎‎ from Artesky is a ‎‎60mm‎‎ Guidescope with a focal length of 240mm and thus ensures a fast ‎‎aperture ratio of f/4‎‎ - ideal as a guide tube for optics with medium or short focal length.‎

‎The 1.25" ‎‎Helical focuser‎‎ allows you to use the UltraGuide MKII both as a ‎‎high-quality viewfinder‎‎and as a guide tube.‎

‎It is equipped with a ‎‎T2 thread‎‎ to allow the connection of most cameras on the market.‎

‎The helical, rotatable focuser is the great strength of this Guidescope, because it allows two types of focusing:‎

‎A less precise overview (search function) and a micro fine adjustment for the right precision as soon as you have found a guide star.‎

‎The back focus offers a very comfortable focus position - both with high-quality eyepieces, as well as with most guiding cameras on the market (e.B. QHY, ZWO, Omegon GUIDE, etc.).‎

‎Thanks to its rotatable focuser, the ‎‎UltraGuide MKII 60mm‎‎ always retains the correct orientation of the camera used.‎

‎The camera does not rotate and this function is essential for correct use with autoguiding software (such as PHD).‎

‎Included in delivery are ‎‎two 80mm guide tube clamps‎‎ and three screws with nylon tip, as well as a short ‎‎Vixen (GP-Level) dovetail rail,‎‎which allows connection to most common viewfinder shoes with the standard profile.‎

‎Alternatively, you can simply connect the whole set to a prism clamp and attach it to any Vixen or Losmandy rail.‎

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