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Artesky Lithium battery 35A 12V

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Artesky Lithium battery 35A 12V

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Product description

The new Artesky lithium battery allows you to power your products in the field for many hours of use without needing electricity and power supplies!

This battery allows you to power your mount, guide camera, camera, computer and more!

Light, transportable and very compact, it is an incredible tool to improve your exits and avoid the transport of large batteries and useless weights.
The lithium battery is inserted inside an anti-shock, anti-dust and water-resistant case, this to guarantee maximum safety for transport and use.
On the battery there is also a small LCD screen with on / off button that allows you to see the remaining capacity in Volt of the battery and the instantaneous consumption in Amperes!

The battery offers two 12V outputs (maximum current 20A / hour) so ideal for powering your mount, a computer, your guide camera, etc ...


Do not expose the battery to temperatures that are too rigid (max -10°) or too high (max + 40°)
Do not expose directly to sunlight

Protection circuit

All Artesky lithium batteries have a double protection circuit, one inside the battery and one in the rigid case, so you will have a safe battery
All lithium batteries are purchased in Italy with regular CE and Rohs certificates, beware of unsafe lithium batteries.

Material delivered

  • Lithium battery with shockproof case
  • Dedicated battery charger with double LED charging / discharging light (use only the charger supplied)
  • Screw socket connection - Female cigarette lighter (x1)

Product details

Technical features

35A 12V lithium battery
Rated output voltage: 12V
Capacity: 35Ah - 35000 mA
Maximum deliverable current: 20Ah
Max charging voltage: 12.6V
Max charging current: 10 Ah
Weight: 7 lbs (3.2kg)

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