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Spider for secondary mirror for 8" Newton

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Lacerta spider for secondary mirror for 8" Newton

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Product description

One-piece secondary mirror mount

This mount has great advantages over the traditional spider, where the 4 legs are attached to the tube by lag screws:

- the spider legs are stiff and cannot become loose
- the legs are exactly aligned and the resulting spike is sharp and not divergent
- the FS mount is exactly in the middle, and the position does not have to be searched for separately
- the circumferential ring stabilises the tubes, especially the metal tubes of the Skywatcher Newtons benefit from this
- the spider can be fixed in 8 positions, each rotated 45°, so you can choose if the spikes look "+" or "X" shaped in the image
- the matt black anodising prevents reflections which can occur on the usually shiny spider legs

Technical data:

- Material - milled from solid aluminium, matt black anodised.
- Diameter outside 233mm
- Height of ring and spider legs 15mm
- Thickness of the spider legs 1,80mm
- Mounting via M5 thread (blind thread, depth 9mm, recess in ring 2.5mm)
- Mounting of the FS possible via Skywatcher screws, or M4x30 full thread counter screws
- Centre hole diameter 5.9mm, suitable for M5 screws. Profile front/rear different, like Skywatcher spiders.

Scope of delivery:

- Spider alone, without screws or other accessories.


The conversion of Skywatcher Newtons succeeds without problems due to the fitting accuracy, suitable screws and washers
for mounting on the tube must be purchased at a hardware store.
Lacerta photonewtons of older design can also be retrofitted.
must first be cut out and removed. The Spider 200 fits quite tightly and must be tapped gently into the outer ring, possibly use a cloth as a buffer.
M5x10 countersunk screws with head diameter 9mm can be used for fastening.

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