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Officina Stellare 400/3200 F/8 ProRC CGA OTA

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Officina Stellare 400/3200 F/8 ProRC CGA OTA

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Product description

The ProRC scope is completely free from chromatic aberration, and the performance is the same at any wavelength; the only limit is the coating light reflectivity. Aluminum, silver or gold coatings are available, for a working bandwidth that can easily cover the 350-5000 nm interval.

The ProRC scope has the maximum possible level of light transmission to focal plane (no lenses absorption/reflection/scattering along light path).

These performances make the RC, in most of the cases, the “perfect” scope for professionals, because they are usually interested in working with a visual wavelength range, with max performance over relatively small field of view.

All telescopes share the following mechanical characteristics:

  • Two (optionally four) Losmandy or 8″ dovetail plates, to connect the telescope to your mount, or to accommodate accessories.
  • Computer optimized baffles.
  • Focal plane tilt adjusting.
  • Optional shutter to protect the primary mirror.
  • High precision spherical joint and high strength carbon tubes in the truss structure for zero-backlash assembly and extraordinary rigidity.
  • Double concentric light shield for the secondary mirror/spider support.
  • Radial micrometric adjustment for the secondary mirror support.
  • All collimation screws are spring-loaded, with lock if needed.
  • Zero image shift secondary mirror movement, with electronic/PC control (optional on smaller telescopes, standard in the big ones).
  • Special ultra-dark and ultra-opaque space-grade paint for all sensible parts. Space grade glue for glued parts. Space-grade rubber for all seals.
  • Unique mirror supports design.
  • Wide choice of focusers, filter wheels, and optical train accessories in general.

Standard configuration:

Low expansion glass optical set, carbon/aluminum truss tube design, splitted light baffle, four support dovetails, three ventilation fans and mirrors heaters with manual control, shroud and cap covers. Primary cell detachable for an easy cleaning of mirror. AVAILABLE ALSO IN FULL CARBON, ATHERMIC LIGHTWEIGHT TRUSS TUBE, NEAR ZERO EXPANSION CERAMIC GLASS.

Optional accessories:

Flattener, Riccardi Triplet reducer 0.75x, OSBus Advanced Telescope controller, Motorized secondary mirror focuser (1 motor, Motorized secondary mirror focuser and collimation (3 motors, shutters system, custom adapters, special custom optical design and manufacture. Aerospace and military special materials, coating, solutions and requirements are available.

Product details

Main mirror diameter400 mm (16'')
Focal ratioF/8
Focal length3200 mm (126'')
Linear obstruction47%
Fully corrected and illuminated field60 mm
Weight40 kg
Back focusCirca 220 mm (8.6'')

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