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6" F/4 UNC Newtonian (Carbon)

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TS-Optics 6" F/4 UNC Newtonian (Carbon)

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Product description

With these telescopes you do not have to make any compromises. UNC stands for Universal Newton Telescopes with Carbon tube. Each UNC Newton is individually manufactured for you and optimized according to your wishes - a telescope Made in Germany!

This 6" f/4 UNC Newton is a compact and transportable large field telescope. It is suitable for visual observation and astrophotography. Astrophotographers will appreciate the high luminous intensity of f/4. In combination with suitable coma-correctors, very deep-sky images are possible in a relatively short time.

The advantages of the TS UNC Newtonian telescopes:

  • High-quality carbon fibre tube manufactured in Germany with highest stability - individually made
  • Optimized focus position and thus the best possible illumination
  • Secondary mirror cell improved by Teleskop-Service
  • The side edge of the secondary mirror is blackened
  • TS UNCN2 2" Crayford focuser with dual speed - one of the best Crayford focusers in its class
  • The secondary mirror is attached to the secondary mirror mount with correct offset by Teleskop-Service
  • 94 % reflection on primary mirror and secondary mirror for a brighter image
  • Diffraction limited primary mirror made of quartz glass - each telescope is tested on our optical bench before shipping

Every UNC Newton is darkened inside

The tube inner side of our UNC-Newton telescopes is darkened. This prevents reflections and provides better contrast. The TS "Black" anti-reflective paint or a velour film is used. The result is a matte black tube interior. Velour film and the TS "Black" have a similar effect and darken better than the commonly used chalkboard paint.

Focus position optimized for astrophotography:

The focus point is 60 mm above the 2" receptacle with the focuser retracted. This position is optimal for all coma correctors with 55 mm working distance, such as the Sky-Watcher Aplanatic corrector, the TS Coma Corrector or the GPU corrector. You can also use the 2" Paracorr. For visual observation you need a 2" extension tube.

The 2" TS UNCN2 Crayford focuser:

A core piece of the TS UNC Newtonians is the modern TS UNCN2 focuser. The focuser extends only 50 mm from the edge of the tube and still carries heavy cameras and accessories without tilting.

  • High rigidity with extremely short overall length
  • Exact 1:10 dual-speed reduction - with it perfectly focused astrophotographs are possible
  • Upgradable with motor focus - with the TS motor focus advantage: manual adjustment possible with attached focuser
  • Accessories can be screwed on - the focuser is already supplied with the 65 mm connection thread

Parabolic primary mirror:

Newtonian primary mirrors made of fused silica are free of strain and provide an image that is usually even much better than diffraction limited. The surface is coated with an enhanced 94% reflection layer and a protective quartz layer. The primary mirror has a central marking as an adjustment aid.

  • TS UNC Carbon Newtonian telescope with 2" UNCN2 focuser
  • Aluminium tube rings with two flat faces
  • Vixen style finder shoe
  • 8x50 straight finder with bracket
  • 1.25" reducer with 2" filter thread
  • Instruction manual

Product details

Telescope type:Newtonian
Aperture:150 mm - 6"
Focal length:600 mm
Photographic speed:f/4
Primary mirror:Parabolic, fused quartz
Optical quality:Significantly better than diffraction limited
Secondary diameter:70 mm (minor axis)
100% illumination 65 mm focus distance:21 mm
Tube:Carbon fibre with aluminium reinforcement rings. 2.5 mm thickness
Tube diameter:175 mm
Focuser:2" UNCN2 Crayford with 65 mm thread for screwed adaptations
Weight:approx. 4 kg with tube rings
Length:approx. 500 mm (depending on focus position)
Working distance:60 mm from the 2" receptacle of the focuser

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