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TS-Optics angled eyepiece for polar finder

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TS-Optics angled eyepiece for polar finder

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Product description

The 90° Amici prism diagonal for polar finders eliminates this problem!

The angled view for polar scopes provides a comfortable insight from above or from the side. Simply attach it to the polar finder and fix it with a screw. 

Easy operation:

  • Focus the polar finder as usual
  • Push the PFZS over it an lock it with the knurled screw
  • Set the magnification to 1x
  • Focus the polar finder marks
  • Done! - now you can use the PFZS to the full
  • For precise polar alignment, you can use the 2.5x magnification, simply by switching

Fits to polar finders from:

  • Skywatcher: EQ5, HEQ5, EQ6, AZ-EQ6
  • Skywatcher: Star Adventurer Mini and Star Adventurer Pro/2i
  • Orion USA: Atlas Pro, Atlas EQ-G
  • Celestron: AS-VX, CGEM
  • Bresser Messier EXOS 2
  • Lacerta: Polarie polar finder
  • All polar finders with a diameter of 30 mm or slightly smaller
  • iOptron SkyGuider Pro in exception of other iOptron Polar finders (these polar finders are too thick)

Product details

Diameter:30 mm
Eyepiece:90°, with eye guard, suitable for people wearing glasses
Image orientation:Like the straight view
Sideward locking screw thread:M4

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