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1.0x Flattener for Full Frame Sensors (M63x1 thread)


TS-Optics REFRACTOR 1.0x Flattener for Full Frame Sensors - M63x1 connection


Product description

TS PHOTOLINE 1.0 Field Corrector for APO and ED refractor telescopes

This corrector is suitable for refractors starting from 500 mm focal length. It works, among others, very well with the PHOTOLINE apochromats and with the TS-Optics ED refractors from 4" aperture upwards. The corrector offers 100% illumination and correction up to 45 mm (image circle), so it can very well used for cameras with full-frame sized sensors.

The connection to the focuser of the telescope:

The TSFlat25Del corrector has an M63x1 thread (male) at the telescope side. Several focusers already have the matching female thread. 

Attention: The order of adaptation is - from the telescope to the camera:

1. the corrector itself - the knurled ring is on the side of the red distance ring.
2. the red distance ring
3. the transition adapter to M48

Connecting the camera:

The TSFLAT25Del offers two possibilities for the connection of the camera:
Directly to the corrector, there is a female M63x1 thread. The generous working distance from this thread is 85 mm. Thus you have enough space for accessories like filter wheels, off-axis guider and much more.

There is also a conversion adapter to M48x0.75 included in the scope of delivery. The working distance from this thread is exactly 55 mm. This is perfect for attaching DSLR cameras (just T-ring + camera) or astro cameras. The adapter makes sense if the camera should be directly connected to the corrector.

The flattener is suitable for the following telescopes and for telescopes with similar focal length and focal ratio:

  • From 700 mm focal length, 55 mm working distance applies from the M48 thread with the M63 extension tube.
  • TS-Optics ED refractors with at least 700 mm focal length
  • TS-Optics PHOTOLINE apos with at least 700 mm focal length
  • All other refractors with at least 700 mm focal length
  • RC telescopes from TS-Optics or Astro Tech with 10" aperture or more
  • Refractors between 600 mm and 700 mm focal length: The working distance increases by 5 mm.
  • Refractors between 500 mm and 600 mm focal length: The working distance increases by 10 mm

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