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Astrozap Off Axis - Glass Solar Filters

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Astrozap Off Axis - Glass Solar Filters

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Product description

Off Axis Glass Solar Filters that fit telescopes as shown in the Size Matching Specifications below.

These are safe off axis solar telescope filters. An off axis solar filter blocks light into the telescope by only allowing light through a small portion of glass that is off center.

By reducing the aperture the image is not darker but visibility of daytime atmospheric turbulence is reduced. The off axis is less expensive than the full aperture solar filters.

This premium solar filter has an aluminum cell that is secured and centered to the tube end of the telescope with nylon thumb screws and felt padding. The aperture portion of the filter is to be positioned as close to 12 o’clock as possible. The off axis aperture is made with high quality hand selected and inspected reflective coated glass. This is the highest quality, most durable, off axis aperture, glass solar filter on the market. The sun is viewed in a natural yellowish-orange image. The filter can be used for direct viewing through the telescope or for photography. You should be able to see sunspots, granulation, and of course a solar eclipse.

This filter is new in the box in plastic. The filter box is foam lined for protection and shock absorption during handling. It is durable enough to store the filter while not in use. With the filter come instructions for use and care.

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Product details

Size Matching Specifications

Your O.D. Measurement

Telescopes that Fit this Filter Size

8 13/16” (224mm) to 9 1/16” (230mm)

Celestron 8” and Meade 8” Schmidt-Cassegrain; Celestron: C8, C8+, Celestar 8, NexStar 8/8i/8SE, CPC800, CGE-800; Meade 8”: 2080, LX5, LX6, Premier, LX10, LX50, LXD-55, LXD-75, LX200, LX200R, LX200 GPS, LX90 GPS 8”; Discovery DHQ 6” Dob; Takahashi: Epsilon-180ED; Vixen: R200SS, VC200L, VMC200L, VMC260L

9 1/8” (232mm) to 9 3/8” (238mm)

Celestron: C8 / Newt.; Newstar 8” Dobsonians; Orion: SkyQuest XT8, Atlas 8, SkyView Pro 8, Orion Sky Watcher

9 3/8” (238mm) to 9 5/8” (244mm)

Meade Starfinder 8"; Orion 8" DSE

9 5/8” (244mm) to 9 7/8” (251mm)

Meade LXD-55 8" S/Newt, Meade 7 APO; Takahashi 212

10 1/8” ( 257mm) to 10 3/8” (264mm)

Coulter 8"; Skywatcher 8” Reflector; Takahashi Epsilon 180 ED

10 3/8” (264mm) to 10 5/8” (270mm)

Celestron 9 ¼ S-C, Celestron StarHopper 8" Dobsonian

11 1/8” (283mm) to 11 3/8” (289mm)

Celestron 10" Newt; Orion SkyWatcher 10"

11 5/8” (295mm) to11 7/8” (302mm)

Fits all Meade 10" Schmidt-Cassegrain’s: Meade 10" LX200 Series, Meade LXD-55 10" S/ NEWT, Meade LX90 GPS 10”, RCX 400 10”

12 1/8” (308mm) to 12 3/8” (314mm)

Celestron: C11 SCT, 10" Dobsonian; Orion: SkyQuest XT10, Atlas 10; OPT’s Starhunter 10” Dobsonian

12 5/8” (321mm) to 12 7/8” (327mm)

Meade Starfinder 10; Coulter 10”; Takahashi: FRC300, Mewlon 300

13 3/8” (340mm) to 13 5/8” (346mm)

Meade 12" Schmidt-Cassegrain’s: LX200 Series 12”, LX90 GPS 12”, RCX 400 12”

14 7/8” (378mm) to 15 1/8” (384mm)

Orion 12.5"; 12” Dobs Zhumell

15 3/8” (391mm) to 15 5/8” (397mm)

Celestron 14" SCT

15 5/8” (397mm) to 15 7/8” (403mm)

Meade 14" Schmidt-Cassegrain’s: 14” LX200 Series, RCX 400 14”

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