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Astrozap - Celestron 7 MAK and 8 SCT/CPC Flexi-Heat™ Heated Flexible Dew Shield

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Astrozap - Celestron 7 MAK and 8 SCT/CPC Flexi-Heat™ Heated Flexible Dew Shield

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Product description

Flexi-Heat™ dew heater specs: 14.5 Watts @ 12 Volts, 1.20 Amps.

  • The Astrozap Flexible Heated Dew Shield uniquely combines both active and passive methods of dew fighting with the added feature of shielding the telescope from undesirable stray light.
  • Felt-lined to help absorb moisture and to prevent extraneous light from reaching the optics and greatly improving contrast.
  • Astrozap heated dew shields are made from the highest quality ABS-grade polymers.
  • Velcro® fasteners provide a snug fit and padded so as not to mar or scratch the telescope's finish.
  • They roll up easily into a convenient size for easy transportation to star parties and dark sky sites.
  • This product requires the use of a simple D/C adapter or dual channel controller to be powered

Product details

  • CGX 700 Maksutov Cassegrain
  • Advanced VX 7" Maksutov Cassegrain
  • CPC Deluxe 800 EdgeHD
  • CPC 800 GPS SCT
  • 16 Watts @ 12 Volts, 1.40 Amps.

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