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Mark III Harmonic German Equatorial Mount with tripod

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Sharpstar Mark III Harmonic German Equatorial Mount

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Product description

Mark III is a lightweight and portable German equatorial mount with a delicate harmonic gear system. Despite its lightweight of 7.95kg, Mark III boasts outstanding payload capacity, quick dynamic response and accurate data-transmission and processing. It’s a great option for astro-observation or astrophotography, and a handy and functional helper along your journey to the universe exploration.

Product details


  • Weight: approx. 8 kg (mount head)
  • Counterweight: 5 kg, includes counterweight
  • Mounting base: Dovetail and Vixe mounting
  • Longitude adjustment: 90 degrees
  • Load capacity: 18 kg without counterweight, with a counterweight of 26 kg
  • Maximum speed: 3.8 degrees / s, default speed 1.9 degrees per second
  • Power supply: 24V 6A
  • Data transfer: Wireless Wifi connection and USB connection
  • Guide port: via ST4 port or USB port
  • Hand controller with built-in database
  • Compatibility: ASCOM and INDI platforms

Tripod specifications

  • Material: Carbon fiber
  • Weight: 4.45 kg
  • Load capacity: 80 kg
  • Dimensions: Height 93 cm during transport, height 72 cm in use, width 98 cm

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