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Mini II Dobsonian mount

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Omegon Mini II Dobsonian mount

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Product description

Omegon Mini Dobsonian Mount II - turn a small OTA into a Dobsonian telescope

This mount lets your small OTA become a full-fledged mini-telescope. Just place a small refractor or Maksutov OTA onto the mount and you can follow stars and planets in the night sky - for a stable image with a base that allows you to move your OTA in all directions.

The Mini Dobson Mount II is now even better than its predecessor - with rubber feet for a better grip on smooth surfaces and real Teflon pads for smoother movements.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • mini rocker-box (mount) made of wood
  • smooth running in all directions - Teflon pads
  • rubber feet - prevent slipping during observing
  • tripod socket - put the mount onto your tripod (with 1/4" or 3/8" thread)

Omegon mini Dobsonian mount - turns small OTAs into a Dobsonian telescope

The new wooden mini rocker box is ideal for small telescope OTAs. You can turn your optics into a complete telescope in just a few seconds - ideal for quickly setting up for observing on terraces, balconies or on your next trip.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • wooden mini rocker box
  • smooth movement in all directions via Teflon pads
  • accommodates any telescope with Vixen / Skywatcher / Celestron mounting rail

Smooth and easy moving rocker boxThe rocker box is made of wood and, like its big brothers, is mounted on Teflon pads. This means you can track objects very easily when observing - just push lightly on the telescope in the direction you wish it to move.

This dovetail has nothing to do with birds
Many telescopes now come with a standard mounting rail. This will be either a GP, Vixen, Skywatcher or Celestron rail. These systems are used for the no-fuss attachment of the telescope OTA onto the mount.
This rocker box includes a metal fixture - the dovetail mount. The large clamping screw allows you to attach your telescope OTA to the rocker box in just seconds. Your telescope set-up is then complete and ready for observing with.

Which telescopes will fit onto it?
Whether refractor, Maksutov or Newtonian - it will take many small telescope OTAs. Here is a selection:

  • Omegon MightyMak
  • Omegon MC 90/1250
  • 80/400 refractor
  • 90mm Maksutov

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