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IR Pass 685nm 1.25″

Player One Astronomy

Player One - IR685nm 1.25″ IR-Pass Filter S-series

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Product description

Player One S series filter using high quality optical glass substrate and multi-layer composite coating technology, which has excellent optical performance in astrophotography.

1.25inch IR685nm pass filter(Seeing improving filter)

Many years ago, Moon Prince introduced the IR685 infrared filter, which only allows red and infrared light with wavelengths greater than 685nm to pass through, greatly improving seeing condition (because atmospheric jitters have less impact on longer wavelengths of light). Since then, IR685 has become a great accessory for Lunar photography. This IR685 filter are not the same as old IR685 filters. Our IR685 using double-sided multi-layer composite coating upgrade IR685, will become your new magic weapon!

Not only does IR685 improve seeing, but it also helps enthusiasts around the world to capture Uranus’s distinctive cloud bands.

Product details

Specifications: 1.25 inch, thread M28.5*0.6

Frame thickness: body 5mm+ thread 2mm, a total of 7mm

Thickness of filter lens: 2mm

Transmittance: ≈90%

Blocking depth: OD3

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