Optolong Filters Planetary Filter Set 2"

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Optolong Filters Planetary Filter Set 2"

Optolong Filters Planetary Filter Set 2"

  • Optolong Filters Planetary Filter Set 2"
  • Optolong Filters Planetary Filter Set 2"
  • Optolong Filters Planetary Filter Set 2"

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Optolong Planetary filters kit including UV/IR Cut, R, G, B, and IR685 filter, 5pcs filters in total.

For photography of planets, these filters are fine to use in combination with monochromatic cameras.

Planetary photography is mainly using filters like IR-, UV filters, etc. The main goal is to capture a specific spectrum, such as rich carbon dioxide. One of the most common filters is the IR-filter/infrared filter. In nature, the longer the wavelength of light, the smaller affected it is by atmospheric seeing.

Thus, when we image the planet, we usually use an IR-filter, which transmits only infrared, or near-infrared light, in order to reduce the negative influence of seeing.

In visible light, photographers use the classical RGB filters.

For Mercury, Venus, Uranus, and Neptune, the IR685 comes first, for Saturn and Jupiter the UV/IR Cut, R, G, B are ideal.

IR685 Introduction

Optolong IR Pass685 filter is designed to block the most visible lights and can be used in IR-LRGB imaging to produce a sharper luminance image for the best planetary contrast as atmospheric seeing and distortion is much reduced at longer IR wavelengths. The advantage of the IR685 filter is to reduce the effects of atmospheric jitter.

The sensor of CCD or CMOS cameras i capable of detecting light in the 350nm -1100nm range including infrared wavelengths. Optolong IR685 cuts off the visible part of the spectrum and allows near infrared light to pass so that cause the most sensitive to bad seeing is rejected. It will highly improves images on visibility, contrast and details of planets and the moon. Besides, IR685 is usually used as a key factor of protfolio IRRGB.

Imaging Target:

IR685 is for imaging of bright planets, stars, and comet, like Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Moon, et.

Estimated delivery time 3-18 days

IR685 characteristic:

  • Tave: T>95%
  • Transmission area: 700-1100nm
  • Blocking are: 300-600nm
  • Blocking depth: bloked>99%
  • Surface quality: 60/40(Refer to MIL-O-13830)
  • Surface accuracy: λ/4
  • Parallelism: 30'

RGB, parfocal: 1:1:1

  • Creat images in their true original colors showing a wealth of natural detail;
  • Steep bandpass filters to eliminate UV and IR interference;
  • UV/IR Cut, Red, Green, and Blue filters to reproduce the star's color;
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