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2" Visual Back for Maksutov Telescopes

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TS Optics Adapter for Maksutov Cassegrains on 2 "

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Product description

2" Visual Back for Skywatcher & Orion Maksutovs - Adaptor M45 to 2"

Sky-Watcher and Orion offer good quality Maksutov Cassegrain telescopes and spotting scopes at a low price. These telescopes are optically suitable for eyepieces with up to 40mm field stop diameter - but any eyepiece with more than 30mm field stop diameter is automatically a 2" eyepiece.

Normally the telescopes only have an adaptation for 1.25" eyepieces, so in effect you waste valuable field of view. This TS SKM-2" adaptor is the solution. It allows you to attach SC or 2" accessories to the Maksutov.

Product details

Please note:

This adapter fits only to Maksutovs originally equipped with an 1.25" adaptation. Maks with a 2" adapter unfortunately have a different thread size on the OTA´s back side. The 90 mm Mak can also not be used with this adapter as it would come too close to the focus knob.

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