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106mm f/6 Triplet Refractor

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Founder Optics

Founder Optics 106mm f/6 Triplet Refractor

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Product description

Excellent optics:

Founder Optics' powerful apochromats were designed by Japanese optical designers and manufactured or adjusted with high precision with Long Perng by a well-known and reliable manufacturer of optical parts in Taiwan. Glass combinations of an FPL-53 lens, an FPL-51 lens, and a lanthanum lens excellently correct chromatic aberration and spherical aberration. These triplets with high refractive index and large distances between the individual lenses, as you also use other Japanese optics manufacturers, ensure high contrast and good image quality.

Many strengths:

The FOT-106 has a focal length of 636 mm, and with a large aperture of 106 mm, you will be able to achieve both beautiful visual results and photograph great deep sky images. Especially the precise field correction of the apochromatic has a positive effect in photography. Even in planetary observation with high magnification, the 4-inch apochromatic performs excellently thanks to the good color correction.

Included in the delivery:

The telescope comes in a foam-lined aluminum case. In addition to the refractor with aluminum tube clamps with a carrying handle and GP dovetail rail, as well as a shoe for holding a viewfinder. It is particularly noteworthy that the manufacturer also included a suitable 1.0x flattener with M48 thread optimized for the system. So if you want to start directly into photography, you are well equipped with a Founder Optics apochromatic. The overall package is rounded off by the rotatable and patented 2.7" rack and pinion pull-out with ball bearings in hybrid style, including a 1:10 reduction ratio with a load capacity of up to 8Kg. The accessories are accommodated via integrated and practical 2-inch and 1.25-inch ring clamp systems. In addition, the large FOT-106 has an integrated camera rotator on the focuser.

High manufacturing quality:

The high-quality precision optics also require a stable tube. This is completely CNC manufactured in the FOT series and has a retractable dew cap. The double tube clamps come with handle and additional screw holes to attach further accessories. The tube is painted in a noble high-gloss black and contrasted with green rings and pipe clamps. The sturdy hybrid focuser is completely rotatable, which is particularly important for astrophotographers, and has a pull-out clamp. Inside, the tube has a finely fluted matt lacquer to exclude light reflections. It is particularly noteworthy that the FOT apochromats are generally delivered including ronchitest and star test protocol.


  • Aperture: 106 mm
  • Focal length: 636 mm
  • Aperture ratio: f/6
  • Optical construction: Triplet, with two ED lenses (FPL53 & FPL51 glass) and a lanthanum lens
  • Lens coating: Fully multi-coated
  • Tube material: Aluminum
  • Focuser: 2.7" rack and pinion hybrid focuser, Dual Speed 1:10 fine focus, patented
  • Accessories: transport case, pipe clamps, GP dovetail bar, viewfinder shoe, pull-out, 1.0x flattener with M48 thread
  • tube weight: 6.7Kg

Product details



Opening (mm)106
Focal length (mm)636
Aperture ratio (f/)6
Resolution (arc seconds)1,24
Limit size (mag)12,6
maximum useful enlargement (-fold)212
Tube diameter (mm)133
Tube constructionFull tube
Light-gathering capacity (-fold one 7mm pupil)229
Lens DesignTriplet


DesignHybrid rack
Connector (eyepiece side) (inch)2 and 1.25 inches
RotatableYes. additional camera rotator
Reduction1:10 Fine drive
Adjustment range (mm)95
Ring clampingyes with Click Lock System


GoTo Controlno
Mount typewithout mount

Included accessories

Eyepiece adapter1,25″ & 2″
Pipe clampsYes with carrying handle
Viewfinder shoeVixen/Skywatcher Level
Dovetail barVixen Style
Proofreaderyes 1,0x Flattener
Transport caseyes
Test reportyes star test and Ronchitest


Length (mm)555
Total weight (kg)6,7

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