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2" Herschel wedge with ND3.0 filter

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Lunt 2" Herschel wedge with ND3.0 filter

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Product description

Herschel-wedge / Solar-wedge for superior White-Light solar observing and imaging. For refractor-telescopes up to 150mm aperture, and with 2'' focuser. Complete system with installed ND3.0 filter.

Herschel-Wedges will be used to observe the sun in White-Light. Around 95% of the sun light will be suppressed by the Herschel Wedge. The remaining sun light will be dimmed by a fix installed ND3.0 grey filter. Lunt Solar Systems Herschel-wedges are installed in a fully closed housing with integrated heat trap. There is no stray light escaping, therefore it is very safe.

The difference between Herschel-wedges and normal front mounted filters is, that the filtering takes place just before the eyepiece or camera. This will provide a better contrast and sharpness of the solar image.
Furthermore there is more safety at a Herschel-wedge than at a front mounted filter. A Herschel-wedge can not rip or become holes like a foil. And also it can not drop down from the telescope objective accidentally.

Only for use with refractor telescopes up to 150mm aperture:
Because the full energy and heat of the sun will be inside the telescope, we advise to use only refractors with a Herschel-wedge. The refractor must not have corrector lenses at the back. Optical elements like corrector lenses, or secondary mirrors of reflector telescopes, become very hot by the concentrated solar energy and could be damaged.

Tuning the brightness:

Because the Herschel-wedge produce polarized light, you can use a normal polarizing filter at the eyepiece or camera-adapter. By turning the polarizing filter the brightness will be reduced.

Product details

  • Solar observation in White-Light for perfectionists
  • For lens telescopes up to 150mm aperture
  • Shows sunspots and granulation at best contrast
  • In 90° angle housing like a zenith-mirror
  • The Necessary ND3.0 filter is already fix installed
  • No escaping stray light due to the integrated light trap
  • Absolutely safe, no danger for the eyes

Delivery includes

  • Lunt 2" solar wedge
  • ND3 filter preinstalled
  • Hard case for storage

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