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2" LED Collimator for RC and all other Types of Telescopes


TS-Optics 2" LED Collimator for RC Telescopes and all other Types of Telescopes


Product description

Note: this product is available in March 2024

The TSRCKOLLI collimator was developed for Ritchey-Chrétien telescopes, but also for all other types of telescopes, like refractor, Newtonian or SC Cassegrains - made in Europe

The corrector allows the collimation of almost all optical systems with high accuracy.

Suitable for all 2" receptacle with precice 2" barrel to avoid tilting

LEDs are powered by 2 normal 1.5V AA batteries (batteries are not included)

We recommend the collimator mainly for RC telescopes, Cassegrains and Schmidt Cassegrains as long as they have a center mark on their secondary mirror. So a top collimation state of the telescope can be reached even at daylight.

TS RCKOLLI 2" LED Collimator for all Types of Telescopes

The collimator is campatible with almost all popular optical systems and allows for a neat collimation at daylight. We especially recomend the collimator for all Cassegrain-like telescopes like Schmidt-Cassegrain, RC, Dall-Kirkham and similar telescope types. The collimator is very precise and the result of the collimation is mostly independent of tilting.

Collimation of Ritchey-Chrétien telescopes and similar systems

It is well known that collimating an RC is not an easy thing. Usually, nighttime use on a star is necessary. Due to the TS collimator, it is possible to obtain an ideal collimation result at daylight which is comparable with the Takahashi collimator. With this, there is always an optimally collimated RC telescope at your hand at night. At the same time, collimation is easy and can be done by anyone. But it is important that the secondary mirror of your telescope has a central mark. 

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