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STM4c Stereo 10x/30x/40x magnification

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BTC STM4c Stereo 10x/30x/40x magnification

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Product description

The STM4c-H stereo microscope provides 10x/30x/40x magnification with a standard bulb for upper and lower illumination (220V). The STM-4C is recommended for both laboratory and fieldwork. Achromatic objective lenses provide clear, sharp and contrasty images. The WF eyepiece has a field of view of 50 degrees.

The microscope head can be turned so that larger objects can be examined as well.

Product details

  • Specimen stage is a 96mm matte glass plate. A 96mm plastic disc (one side white, another one is black) is included
  • Slow motion distance 43mm
  • Inter-pupillary distance adjustable between 51 and 78mm
  • Diopter adjustment on the left eyepiece
  • WF10x eyepiece
  • Depth of field is 5mm
  • Weights 3000g
  • Objective lenses: 1x, 3x, 4x
  • Magnification: 10x, 30x and 40x
  • Field of view is 18mm in diameter at 10x, 9mm at 30 and 5mm at 40x
  • Working distance 48mm

Compatible with all standard 30.,5mm microscope eyepieces, many other eyepieces and even camera can be used.

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