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ASKAR FRA300 Pro 60 mm f/5 Quintuplet Flatfield APO Astrograph

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Product description

ASKAR FRA 300 60 mm f/5 Quintuplet Astrograph

ASKAR is a line of select telescopes for astrophotography. These telescopes place great emphasis on optical, as well as mechanical quality. The product designation FRA stands for a refractor telescope with integrated corrector element for a flat and corrected field of view. The FRA series is mainly used for astrophotography.

The ASKAR FRA300 is a 5-element Petzval apochromat with 300 mm focal length, f/5 and 60 mm aperture. There are 2 ED glasses built into the lens for good correction of chromatic aberration. The apo is corrected for cameras up to full frame sensor.

The dew shield also provides good protection against stray light and is retractable. The large focuser holds heavy cameras and the dual-speed gear allows precise focusing. T2, M48 and M54 threads are available for connections. The working distance is optimized for all popular cameras, from mirrorless system to DSLR to astro cameras (CMOS and CCD).

Delivery includes

  •  Telescope
  • CNC tube rings
  • GP/EQ5 style dovetail bar
  • Handle
  • Photo adapter to M48, M54 and T2
  • Finder shoe (mounted)

Product details

Aperture:60 mm
Focal length:300 mm
Focal ratio:f/5
Telescope type:5-element (quintuplet) apo with 2-element ED lens
Transport length:300 mm
Weight:2 kg
Camera side connection:M76x1 M54x0.75 male thread, M48x0.75 male thread and T2 male thread
Drawtube travel:20 mm
Filter thread:2" filter thread (M48x0.75) is integrated in the camera adapter (accessible after unscrewing the adapter)
Working distance:45-65 mm from the T2/M48/M54 connection thread and 55-75 mm from the M76x1 external thread
Dew shield diameter:92 mm

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