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STM45b Binocular (7-45x magnification, LED illumination)

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Lacerta STM45b Binocular (7-45x magnification, LED illumination)

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Product description

Stereo zoom microscope for studies

All 8 model variants of the STM45 series (optionally with bino or trino head, or with or without lighting) have an excellent price-performance ratio. They are optically identical to each other and are equipped with a six and a half times zoom optical system for magnifications from 7 times (field of view: 32mm) to 45 times (field of view: 5mm). The Trino versions in particular (i.e. with a photo tube) are being used more and more often in high school lessons. But these models are also used in hobby laboratories for parasite testing (e.g. fish farming, bonsai), for securing evidence (e.g. private detectives) and in complaints departments (discovering and documenting material defects). The working distance is 100mm.

Stereo microscopes are also known as preparation microscopes because their historical purpose was to make preparations for biological microscopes.

Can be expanded up to 225x magnification

The microscope can be expanded with 0.5x or 2x additional lenses as well as with additional eyepieces (5x to 25x).

With a 0.5x auxiliary lens (optionally available) the microscope works from 3.5x (field of view: 64mm) to 22.5x (field of view: 10mm), and the working distance increases to 165mm. So there is enough space to work with tools. This option is gladly accepted by restorers and in model making, as well as in the workshop (e.g. soldering, repairing small items) and also in the art scene (creating micro-works of art).

If you use a 2x additional lens (also optional), this corresponds to a magnification range of 14x to 90x, but the working distance drops to approx. 35-40mm. In order to achieve the highest possible magnification, the standard 10x WF eyepieces are exchanged for 15x, 20x or even 25x eyepieces. But note that with higher magnification the depth of field decreases rapidly, and above all only flat objects (bank note, print quality, stamp imprint, postage stamps, fine cuts, etc.) can be observed! In general, we can advise you to use a biological microscope above 100x magnification!

As an extreme solution, there is also a 0.3x auxiliary lens with a working distance of 287mm - mostly used by restorers. In this case, however, the stand column needs to be extended (custom-made!).

Product details


  • Stereo zoom lens pair from 0.7x to 4.5x magnification
  • 10x WF pair of eyepieces (results in a total magnification of 7x to 45x)
  • Generous working distance of 100mm
  • 3-inch (76mm) tripod mount
  • Tripod height roughly adjustable and rotatable 360 degrees
  • Additional rack focusing for fine adjustment
  • Upper and lower LED lighting, independently and continuously dimmable
  • The LED lighting does not give off any heat, so the observed object does not heat up
  • Can be expanded in many ways (optically and mechanically)

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