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Colour Magic 3nm 2" (Ha & OIII)

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Askar Colour Magic 3nm Deep-sky Duo Narrowband Filter (Ha & OIII)

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Product description

Askar 3nm Duo-Band Filter

Askar 3nm duo-band filter has an extremely narrow bandwidth, and an ultra-high transmittance over 88% at its center wavelength (500.7nm and 656.3nm). Askar 3nm duo-band filter can effectively eliminate the influence of light pollution. Even if you are in an area seriously affected by light pollution, the pictures taken with the Askar 3nm duo-band filter are still very good. It is so practical and efficient that you can get astronomical images of high quality with just one duo-band filter and an ordinary astronomical colour camera.

The Askar 3nm duo-band filter is ideal for photographing emission nebulae, planetary nebulae or supernova remnants, and has a very high transmittance at the central wavelength. The highly narrow bandwidth of the filter effectively blocks out the effects of light pollution or other distracting factors such as night glow.

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