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Founder Optics Marvel 80 Deg Eyepiece - 4mm 1.25"

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Founder Optics

Founder Optics Marvel 80 Deg Eyepiece -4mm 1.25"

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Product description

Founder Optics 80 degree Marvel Lanthanum UWA eyepieces features an element of lanthanum glass which eliminates colour fringing and chromatic aberrations for true color, offering high contrast views.

Each Founder Optics Marvel Lanthanum Ultra-Wide telescope eyepiece boasts a very long 20mm eye relief and a larger, 30mm-diameter eye lens & field stop so you can comfortably see the entire 80-degree field while wearing eyeglasses.

Product details


  • Large apparent field of view of 80 degrees
  • 30mm large eye lens and field diaphragm for a comfortable viewing experience
  • Lanthanum lenses provide a brighter image and incredibly true-color reproduction
  • 1.25" connectors at 4mm

Focal length (mm)4
Connection (telescope side)1.25″
Field of view (°)80
Number of lenses8
Coating of opticsmultiple

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