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Phoenix Wheel 7x36MM

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Player One Astronomy

Player One Phoenix Wheel 7x36MM

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Product description

Product description:

Phoenix Filter Wheel 7x36mm

Support model: Poseidon series, Artemis series.

Body Threads: M48*0.75 on both sides

Filter size: 36mm unmounted filter is required

Material:Aluminum 6061-T6

Optical Length: 20mm

Hall Sensing Technology

Traditional infrared sensor scanning positioning hole to locate position, this way positioning accuracy depends on the size of the positioning hole, the smaller the hole, the higher the accuracy, but the diameter of the hole must have at least 1mm diameter, otherwise it is difficult to manufacture. But if use magnet on filter plate, Hall sensor will detect the center of the magnet, the positioning accuracy is better than infrared sensor.

Hybrid stepping motor

This super thin hybrid stepping motor can provide very smooth rotation, almost no vibration when change the filter position.

Type-C data port

Using USB Type-C port can reduce the thickness of red piece.

Support filters

Filter Positions of Phoenix Wheel 7x36mm support 36mm unmounted filters.

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Nice filter wheel

This is my first filterwheel, so no comparison with other filter wheels. It looks an feels very high end. The operation is very smooth and quiet. Filter installation was easy with the added filter holders (36mm unmounted). Perfect!
Erik - Verified buyer















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