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Imaging Star 100 mm f/5.8 Quadruplet Apo

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TS-Optics Imaging Star 100 mm f/5.8 Quadruplet Apo

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Product description

TSQ-100ED Quadruplet Apo with permanently built-in field correction

The 100 mm f/5.8 quadruplet of the TS Imaging Star line is highly appreciated by astrophotographers. The telescope is an interesting alternative to the Takahashi FSQ-106ED. Due to the air-spaced FPL53 objective, the image is free from chromatic aberration and provides outstanding contrast. Through the integrated corrector the field is perfectly flattened. You will get perfect stars in the field right from the beginning, without the exhausting search for correctors and the right distance.

Despite the apo was optimized for astrophotography, it will offer very good performance also visually. The stars are pinpoint and are imaged without chromatic correction. The image stays sharp and contrasty up to 300x magnification.

The photographic 4" Rack&Pinion focuser:

The CNC focuser is optimized for photography and can handle a payload of up to 8 kg. The travel of the focuser tube is carried out via rack and pinion. The construction of the drawer is similar to the Starlight Feather Touch and the mechanical stability comes very close to that of the Starlight Feather Touch. In addition to 2" and 1.25" receptacles, an M78x1 thread is also available for screw adaptations. Suitable adapters, e.g. for the M68x1 thread, are of course available.

Features and advantages:

  • Excellent FPL53 triplet objective (glass from Ohara, Japan)
  • Integrated flattener with factory-set optimized distance to the objective for optimal sharpness in the field
  • 4" CNC rack and pinion focuser with male M82x1 Connection thread - payload up to 6 kg
  • The system is free from annoying reflections
  • Objective and corrector are adjustable - but are already delivered optimally adjusted
  • Each quadruplet apo is checked before shipping and the optical system is tested

A first-class apochromat for astrophotography:

Our goal was achieving imaging quality on the axis AND in the field without compromises, and also without additional flattener or correctors. The corrector has to be built-in permanently and, obviously, in the optimal distance to the objective. This is almost unobtainable by using an optional flattener. Furthermore, the apochromat has to be mechanically solid and easily to adjust. This has been made possible with the flatfield apo.

The focuser has to be stable and, in particular, designed for heavy cameras. With the rack and pinion drive, even heavy accessories can be used. Locking is safely achieved by blocking the adjustment unit.

Product details

Aperture:100 mm
Focal length:580 mm
Focal ratio:f/5.8
Objective:Air-spaced triplet objective
Field corrector:Single lens field corrector system
Corrected and fully illuminated field:49 mm
Back Focus from 2" connection:102 mm - inner draw tube position
Drawtube travel:40 mm
Clear aperture:90 mm with anti-reflex thread
Connections on the eyepiece site:M82x1 male thread and 2" and 1,25" connection
Connections on tilter:M82x1 male/female -
Distance from M82x1 thread to 2" connection:33.5 mm including tilter
Fine focusing:1/10 micro transmission
Maximum photographic load:6 kg
Tube:painted ultra black inside - length 490 mm (19.25") with retracted dew shield
Dew shield diameter:140 mm
Weight:only 5.3 kg (10.8 pounds)
Weight of the case:3.5 kg (7.7 pounds)
Size of the case:615 mm x 260 mm x 220 mm

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