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Anti-Halo PRO Dual-Band 2″ Ha+OIII filter

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Player One Astronomy

Anti-Halo PRO Dual-Band 2″ Ha+OIII filter

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Product description

Player One Astronomy's latest filter is a duoband narrowband filter for deep sky imaging, which the manufacturer promises is completely free of halos around bright stars! The bandwidth of hydrogen alpha is 3.7±0.5nm and that of OIII is 3.2±0.5nm. The filter is perfect for shooting in the city in an area with light pollution. At its best, the description of deep sky objects is in a dark location. Best suited for telescopes with an aperture ratio of f/3.6 or greater. Optimized for use with CMOS and CCD cameras.

Product details

Anti-Halo PRO Dual-Band 2″ Ha+OIII filter

  • Frame thickness: body 5mm+ thread 2.5mm, a total of 7.5mm
  • Filter glass: 1.85mm
  • Ha CWL: 656.3nm Band Width: 3.7±0.5nm
  • OIII CWL: 500.7nm Band Width: 3.2±0.5nm
  • Transmittance: >=85%
  • Blocking depth: OD5 (200-1100nm)

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