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Antlia LRGBR+ Dark Series 2" (mounted)

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Antlia LRGBR+ Dark Series 2" (mounted)

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Product description

The Antlia LRGBR+ Dark series filters are designed with a full spectrum curve from 390nm to 1000nm, making it sensitive to both UV and IR light for high signal-to-noise ratio and contrast imaging in deep sky full-spectrum photography. The LRGB dark series filters are made of quartz glass, which has exceptional thermal and mechanical properties due to its ultra-low thermal expansion coefficient. These filters offer remarkable durability for imaging and research in the most challenging environmental conditions. Considering the high quantum efficiency (QE) of the cameras in the near-infrared bands, Antlia incorporates a Red+700-1000nm filter into LRGB dark series to capture valuable signals that cannot be detected by regular LRGB filters.

The LRGBR+ Dark series filters are best paired with Antlia SHO 2.8nm and 2.5nm Ultra Narrowband filters, as they share the same quartz substrate and refractive index, resulting in better parfocality. Also, all Antlia filters are coated to the edge of the substrate and
unmounted narrowband filters are edge blackened to eliminate internal reflections from stray light.

Product details

Main features of the filters:

• Full spectrum design enhances the sensitivity of imaging to both UV and IR light.

• High transmittance B filter≥95%,L-R-G filter≥97%,this ensures that there is almost no loss in image signal, maximizing contrast.

• More infrared signal to be found by combining Red+ filter.

• Out of band blocking specification is designed to OD4.5 (0.005%) to block interference from other wavelengths and minimize halos around bright stars.

• Identical filter thickness to existing standards and double-sided fine polishing , with utmost care for parfocality.

• Filters are resistant to scratches and are made of quartz glass, excellent durability and thermal stability, as
well as better fracture and scratch resistance, improved coating resilience to cleaning.

• Warranty: 3-years against delamination.

Filter Ring:

• Antlia standard thread: 1.25’’ (M28.5*0.6),2’’(M48*0.75 pitch).

• Ultra-thin filter cell to minimize vignetting by maximize possible clear aperture

• Black anodized finish

• Non-fading laser engraving

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