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The QHY600M-L is a a lite, shorter and cheaper version. Compared with QHY600PH, QHY600PH-Lite has the following features
compared with previous models: QHY600L only has mono version; The body length becomes shorter, which is about
112mm, and its price is lowered compared with QHY600PH; The Built-in DDR3 Buffer (memory storage) is adjusted to
1GB compared to 2GB of QHY600PH/Pro. Other specifications of QHY600L keep the same with QHY600PH except the
body length and weight.

Camera offers impressive features such as a native 16-bit A/D converter, back-illuminated CMOS structure for enhanced full well capacity, zero amplifier glow, true RAW image output, and effective anti-dew technology. With dual-stage TE cooling and advanced dark current noise control, this camera provides astronomers and scientific imaging applications with high-resolution, noise-free, and flexible imaging capabilities.

Native 16-bit A/D:
The new Sony sensor incorporates an on-chip native 16-bit analog-to-digital converter (A/D). This results in a genuine 16-bit output with 65536 distinct levels. Compared to 12-bit and 14-bit A/D converters, a 16-bit A/D provides higher sample resolution and a system gain of less than 1e-/ADU, eliminating sample error noise and minimizing read noise.

The back-illuminated CMOS structure offers an advantage in terms of improved full well capacity, particularly for sensors with small pixels. In a typical front-illuminated sensor, photons from the target must pass through the metal wiring above the photosensitive layer, causing some photons to be reflected and reducing the sensor's efficiency. In a back-illuminated sensor, light enters the photosensitive surface from the reverse side, with the wiring structure located below the photosensitive layer. This allows more photons to strike the photosensitive layer, generating and capturing more electrons in the pixel well. The ratio of photon to electron production is referred to as quantum efficiency, and higher quantum efficiency results in better photon-to-electron conversion, making the sensor more sensitive to capturing faint details.

Zero Amp Glow:
This camera also exhibits zero amplifier glow making calibration easier.

In DSLR implementations, the RAW image output is not entirely raw, often displaying evidence of noise reduction and hot pixel removal upon close inspection. This can have a detrimental effect on astronomical images, leading to issues like the "star eater" effect. However, QHY Cameras offer TRUE RAW IMAGE OUTPUT, ensuring that the resulting image consists solely of the original signal. This allows for maximum flexibility in post-acquisition astronomical image processing programs and other scientific imaging applications.

Anti-Dew Technology:
Drawing on years of experience in cooled camera design, QHY's cooled camera incorporates comprehensive dew control solutions. The optic window includes a built-in dew heater, and the chamber is protected against internal humidity condensation. An electric heating board prevents dew formation on the chamber window, while the sensor itself remains dry due to the silicon gel tube socket design, which regulates humidity within the sensor chamber.

Powerful cooling:
In addition to dual-stage thermoelectric (TE) cooling, QHYCCD employs proprietary hardware technology to control dark current noise.

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